Crowdcube Alum & Mobile Tech Platform Thyngs Now Seeking £250,000 in Funding on Seedrs

Thyngs, a UK-based mobile technology platform, is now seeking £250,000 through its new equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs. This new funding round comes less than two years after Thyngs raised £301,310 through its Crowdcube campaign. The company is offering 4.77% in equity at a £4,992,476 pre-money valuation. 

As previously reported, Thyngs is looking to transform physical objects and locations into smart, connected, experiences that are engaging, rewarding, and memorable. The company has built a secure and affordable for businesses to take advantage of the mobile payments growth and create a sustainable business model in the UK fundraising sector. 

Charities are using our platform to turn collecting boxes, shop windows and even staff into instant mobile donation points, more than covering ongoing costs with the extra income generated through Gift Aid. Global brands are also using it to engage and convert customers directly from marketing, merchandise, packaging, and products.”

Thyngs noted its self-service platform is used by charities, retailers, publishers and re-seller partners to create new services in minutes. Printers and manufacturers embed specially designed hardware, stickers or cards (thyngs) into their existing print production processes with an incremental cost of pennies.

“Customers are able to measure all of the physical world interactions with their audience in real-time, showing unique insights. Thyngs show conversion rates and customer acquisition costs over 10x better than much digital marketing activity. Wasabi, MacMillan, Warner Bros, National Geographic, Royal British Legion, Monster Energy, ANZ Bank already work with Thyngs.”

In regards to what the funds from the Seedrs campaign will be used for, Thyngs added:

“Thyngs has been working with PWC as part of their Raise programme and is actively engaging with a number of Series A VC funds with an aim to raise £3-4 million in early 2020 to significantly scale the business. This smaller investment round is intended to raise enough finance to increase monthly recurring revenues and business KPIs to the level required by most VCs in order that Thyngs can select the right partner to work with the next stage of growth.”

So far, the funding round has raised more than £227,000 from nearly 50 investors. It is set to close later this winter.

Royal Bank of Canada Launches New Mobile Banking Experience For Students

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) announced on Wednesday the launch of its new mobile banking experience that is specifically for students. The RBC Mobile Student Edition was notably designed in collaboration with students to enable features that matter most to them.

“The Student Edition hones in on Generation Z (Gen Z), which encompasses all high school and post-secondary age students. According to RBC internal research, only 38 percent of post-secondary and 33 percent of high school students feel that they have their finances under control. With easy access, customizable features, familiar design and quick touch definitions, this new edition within RBC’s existing mobile app is tailored to students’ digital preferences and enables them to learn how to manage their finances.”

While sharing more details about the feature, Sean Amato-Gauci, Executive Vice-President of Cards, Payments, and Banking at RBC, stated:

“Gen Zers are true digital natives, and it was essential that their input lead the development of the Student Edition. We worked closely with a group of young Canadians throughout the entire process – from the initial research phase through to final testing. With their insights on how they engage with content and interact with money, we were able to deliver a mobile banking experience that’s in line with the apps that they know and love.”

Key Features of the RBC Mobile Student Edition including the following:

  • Simplification: Prioritized key features are front and center for easy navigation, such as quick access to accounts, send money features, insights on spending, setting up reoccurring account transfers and a carousel to scroll through accounts.
  • Personalization: The ability to choose nicknames and colors for accounts and upload contact photos allows students to interact with the app in a way that best suits their behavior and, in turn, obtain a “clear” financial overview.
  • Tailored Content: Contextual definitions for financial terms, coupled with money management insights, help make banking easy to understand.

Erica Nielsen, Vice-President of Payments, and Banking at RBC, then commented:

“Our goal is to help students learn about money management and gain confidence. Banking with RBC is more than managing money. We empower young people to confidently take on the challenges they face by supporting them in understanding their financial future.”

RBC then added that clients who are under age 22 and have downloaded or updated to the most recent version of the RBC Mobile app (available on Android and iOS) will have access to the Student Edition.

IOTA Launches Secure Wallet “Trinity” For Mobile & Desktop

IOTA Foundation, a non-profit foundation focused on distributed ledger technology and permissionless ecosystem development, announced on Tuesday the launch of its new secure and user-friendly software wallet for IOTA tokens, Trinity, for mobile and desktop.

According to IOTA, Trinity offers a host of new features that greatly simplify IOTA token storage, with best-in-class security measures and considerable customizability. The app has been thoroughly reviewed in an extensive auditing process by world-leading cybersecurity firms SixGen and Accessec. While sharing more details about the wallet, Dominik Schiener, Co-Founder of the IOTA Foundation, stated:

“Our industry-leading wallet, Trinity, delivers on IOTA’s goal to provide secure, accessible and community-driven token storage for the international cryptocurrency marketplace. We have partnered with our IOTA community to ensure we are addressing the cryptocurrency market’s needs with the utmost levels of excellence.”

Ethan Dietrich, CEO of SixGen, also commented:

“We are happy to bring our commitment to rigorous security testing and superior wallet security to the IOTA Foundation’s Trinity wallet. It is clear the Trinity team takes security very seriously and has applied best practices throughout the wallet’s development. SixGen’s in-depth review and testing ensures users can store and send tokens with confidence and peace of mind.”

Trinity’s features include the following:

  • Hardware wallet compatibility: Trinity is compatible with the Ledger Nano S, X and Blue hardware wallets. When used in conjunction, Trinity and Ledger provide unparalleled security for storing and accessing your IOTA tokens.
  • Community-sourced design: Trinity delivers bespoke features and innovative design thanks to input and contributions from IOTA’s expert user community.
  • Secure SeedVault digital backup: Trinity uses the recognized security standards of Keepass for encrypted seed backup and features strong multi-level encryption.
  • Global language support: Trinity has been translated into 25 languages for international accessibility, including English, French, German, Chinese, Hindi, Italian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and others.

Monzo Pauses Plans to Join UK’s Cheque Image Clearing System

UK challenger bank Monzo announced on Friday it was putting its plans on hold to allow its users to pay in cheques with a picture. The startup reported that last year it announced its plans to join the Image Clearing System, but in January, it was reported that there was a delay due to Monzo wanting to focus on other projects and there only being a few ‘go-live’ dates throughout the year. It was then revealed:

“Since then we’ve started work on a number of really exciting projects that need our focus right now like Business Banking. Unfortunately, that means we’ve chosen to pause work on joining the Image Clearing System for now. And we can’t say when we’ll pick it back up.”

Monzo also reported that while its still disappointed that it is not going to deliver something it said that it would, users will still benefit from the quicker cheque clearing times that’ll come into effect soon. Monzo added:

“From Q3 2019, instead of waiting 5-6 days for us to credit your account, we’ll be able to do it within 2 working days. And this isn’t to say that we’re going to discount working on this entirely! As with most things at Monzo, we’ll revisit it at a later date, armed with a bit more data and re-assess the impact this will have against any other projects we’ve got coming up.”

Paysafe Teams Up With Paytm Canada To Extend Payment Options Through Fully Integrated Mobile Payment Processing Solution

Paysafe Group, a global payments provider, announced on Tuesday it is partnering with Paytm Canada to extend the payment options their customers have to securely and easily use their smartphones to pay for goods and services.

According to Paysafe, Paytm Canada launched its first consumer-facing mobile application allowing its consumers to pay bills from more than 5,000 service providers on its network using multiple payment options, with no fees and allowing its customers to earn cash back and other rewards through their smartphone in March 2017. Consumers are now able to redeem Paytm Points towards free or discounted e-gift cards from popular brands like Uber, Boston Pizza, Skip the Dishes, Tim Hortons, ESSO, Indigo, and many more. On November 8, 2018, the Paytm Canada app was listed as the number one finance app in Canada on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Paysafe is also processing payments for Paytm Canada, as well as providing additional data protection and security services, APIs and its payment gateway. Paysafe noted that this is the beginning of a close collaboration between both companies, as they will continue to look for ways to strengthen their partnership and to bring more value to Paytm’s customer base. Carla Erlick, SVP for Paysafe’s ISV Channel, Payment Processing North America, stated:

“Providing customers with a seamless mobile payment experience is central to what we do. We’re pleased to be enabling more ways in which Paytm Canada’s customers can pay with ease through their mobile application knowing their payment is secure. In offering our payment solutions to businesses like Paytm, we are able to help them in enhancing their customer experience in both existing and new markets.”

Harinder Takhar, CEO Paytm Canada, went on to add:

“Paysafe’s credibility and experience in providing secure and global payment solutions has always been a source of great confidence to us. Paysafe has worked with us as a true partner and their customer on-boarding and support services have made it a seamless process for us. Plus, with the amazing spike in popularity of our app in Canada, we are even more assured we have the right partner on our side.”

Electroneum Mobile Crypto Mining App Claims +1 Million Downloads

According to Electroneum, more than one million people have now downloaded their mobile cryptocurrency mining app on the Google Play store. Electroneum says their app enables users to mine and transfer its digital currency, ETN, through their phones Electroneum says it is one of only 25,271 out of the 3.8 million apps in the Google Play store to have one million plus installations. Electroneum says it broke the million-download mark just nine months after it was launched and has been downloaded by people in 200 countries across the world.

Electroneum CEO Richard Ells says their popularity is due to the fact it makes “cryptocurrency accessible.”

“Anyone with a smartphone can download it and start mining and transferring ETN straightaway – giving people the chance to engage with cryptocurrency quickly and simply. The fact that people in 200 countries across the world have downloaded this app shows there is a real appetite for this type of technology and for access to cryptocurrency – and predict it’s only going to get bigger. One million app users is a great start – particularly as our blockchain has only been live for nine months – but we’re aiming for more. We want to become a global enablement currency and the only way we’ll achieve this is through mass adoption – and the route we’re looking at involves the growing mobile payment market. Providing instant electronic payments, via a smartphone app, allows people without bank accounts – who are known as the unbanked – to access the digital world and improve their lives.”

Electroneum reports that it is in the process of building a suite of products to help the underbanked. One of their products will allow people to earn money from their digital skills. Ellis believes there is a huge demand for these skills as businesses need social media content but don’t have the resources to create it themselves.

“We’re trying to act as a bridge between them and the people who have the skills to create it to open up a new market to a new set of suppliers,” says Ellis. “If you look at websites like Fiverr and People Per Hour there is a growing demand for people to do this type of work. And the money that could be made from doing it could make a real difference to people in developing countries – especially in areas where the monthly income is around $100. In places like this, the ability to earn another three dollars – or the cryptocurrency equivalent – by taking on this type of work could have a real impact.”

The addition of new features from Electroneum come at an opportune time as the decline in crypto pricing has made mining even more difficult with some smaller miners becoming unprofitable.

Tandem Launches New App Feature That Spot Rising in Bills

UK-based challenger bank Tandem announced on Thursday the launch of its new app feature that tells users when their payments have gone up. According to Tandem, the feature uses AI to track spending and lets app users know if the amount they’re being charged has increased. Tandem also reported that it uses a marketplace to suggest some cheaper alternatives a customer’s current provider, and would split the commission that they receive for this switch with the customer themselves.

While sharing more details about the Ricky Knox, Tandem CEO, stated:

“Tandem was created to remove the stress from money management. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the money leaving your account each month and this is especially true when the amount is going up! No one wants to pay more than they need to because this can prevent you from getting on with the good stuff in life – that’s where Tandem comes in.”

The launch of the new Tandem mobile app feature comes less than two weeks after Tandem announced it has successfully attracted 250,000 customers to its platform. Not only is the fintech celebrating the number of users, it is also reportedly planning to launch its very own mortgage market. As previously reported, Tandem revealed that it is in “prime position” to launch its own range of mortgage products. The company previously acquired Harrods Bank, which gave it access to the bank’s customers and  £80 million in capital, as well as £375 million mortgage book and  £400 million of deposits. Knox at the time revealed:

“We’re really excited to see what we can do with personalisation as we start helping more and more people manage their money better and launching new products. We’ve now got 250,000 customers and every single one is different. The future of banking is going to be about knowing your customers and offering them products and services that work for them. It’s also where you start saving them a whole lot of hassle and stress, which is why we started Tandem in the first place.”

Earlier this year, Tandem secured a banking license and recently acquired money management app, Pariti.

Banking Mobile App Emma Raises £420,000 Through Seed Financing Round Led By Kima Ventures & Aglaè Ventures

Emma Technologies announced this week it raised £420,000 through its latest investment round, which was led by Kima Ventures, one of the first investors in Transferwise, and Aglaè Ventures, the early stage fund of the Groupe Arnault, investor in Netflix and Airbnb. As previously reported, Emma has created a banking app specifically for millennials (iOS and Android), which is described as a mobile-only solution that helps consumers avoid overdrafts, find and cancel subscriptions, track debt and save money. The company recently reported that the app may save customers up to £600 a year by solving these four problems.

“We believe people deserve a private wealth manager that only serves their interests and is able to improve their finances. Open Banking will enable Emma to disrupt the personal finance industry and help consumers save more money.”

While sharing more details about the investment round, Co-founder of Emma, Edorardo Moreni, stated:

“We started Emma with the aim to democratise the figure of the private wealth manager. In an age where a new financial product comes to the market every week, consumers are destined to get lost in a financial chaos. We believe they deserve a financial advocate with the goal of driving them through the difficult financial challenges that life presents. This round is the first step to fully achieve our mission.” 

Rose Dettloff, Deal Partner of Kima Ventures, then added:

“Emma brings clarity and transparency to people’s financial lives with a product designed and built for an audience that is eager to grow their personal wealth. Kima Ventures is glad to have Emma as part of its family and looks forward to support future growth and developments.”

Mobile Tech Platform Thyngs Set to Close Crowdcube Round With More Than £300,000 in Funding

Thyngs, a UK-based mobile technology platform, is set to close its equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube with more than £300,000 from over 350 investors. The funding round was launched in January, originally seeking £300,000. 

Founded in 2016, Thyngs stated it is looking to transform physical objects and locations into smart, connected, experiences that are engaging, rewarding, and memorable. The company has built a secure and affordable for businesses to take advantage of the mobile payments growth and created a sustainable business model in the UK fundraising sector. Thyngs reported:

Charities are using our platform to turn collecting boxes, shop windows and even staff into instant mobile donation points, more than covering ongoing costs with the extra income generated through Gift Aid. Global brands are also using it to engage and convert customers directly from marketing, merchandise, packaging, and products.”

Thyngs then shared that it has sold more than 250,000 units to date and predicts to account for $410 billion in sales by 2020. The company has also established relationships with companies like Apple, PayPal, Stripe and Worldpay. Its key focus is now on growing the business and becoming the de facto method of triggering mobile payments and marketing conversions from physical objects.

All funds from the Crowdcube will go towards the company’s expansion. Prior to launching the Crowdcube round publicly, Thyngs raised over 20% of its investment target to early investors. The funding round will close on Wednesday. 

ArborCrowd Now Offering Investors Equity in New Multifamily Real Estate Deal in Mobile, Alabama

Commercial real estate crowdfunding platform ArborCrowd announced its latest offering for investors to own an equity interest in a multifamily property with tremendous upside potential. Tower on Ryan Park (the Property) is a 141-unit, high-rise property located in downtown Mobile, AL.

According to ArborCrowd, the total capitalization of the deal is $12.7 million, and the funding portal is raising $2.6 million of equity. The property has a notable targeted 16 percent to 18 percent Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and a projected hold period of three to five years. Adam Kaufman, Co-founder and Managing Director of ArborCrowd, stated:

“ArborCrowd is a company focused first and foremost on the quality of the real estate. We only present institutional-quality deals with strong real estate fundamentals. These are the types of deals sought after by national and international investment firms – but we’re able to offer them to people who would not typically have access to opportunities of this caliber.”

ArborCrowd added that the business plan is to implement a value-add strategy to reposition Tower on Ryan Park from an underperforming 1950’s vintage-style property to a modern, desirable and quality apartment complex.

Overfunding: Mobile Technology Platform Thyngs Surpasses £300,000 on Crowdcube

Thyngs, a UK-based mobile technology platform, has successfully secured its initial £300,000 funding target through equity crowdfunding platform, Crowdcube. As previously reported, Thyngs was founded in 2016 and is described as a mobile technology that transforms physical objects and locations into smart, connected experiences that are more engaging, rewarding, and memorable. The company reported:

“We’ve built a simple, secure and affordable way for any business to take advantage of the growth in mobile payments, and have already created a sustainable business model in the £9.7 billion UK fundraising sector. Charities are using our platform to turn collecting boxes, shop windows and even staff into instant mobile donation points, more than covering ongoing costs with the extra income generated through Gift Aid. Global brands are also using it to engage and convert customers directly from marketing, merchandise, packaging, and products.”

Thyngs also stated that with more than 250,000 units sold to date, it predicts to account for $410 billion in sales by 2020. The company has already established relationships with companies like Apple, PayPal, Stripe and Worldpay. Its key focus is now on growing the business and becoming the de facto method of triggering mobile payments and marketing conversions from physical objects.

All funds from the Crowdcube campaign will be used to continue the company’s expansion. Prior to launching the Crowdcube round publicly, the company raised more than 20% of its investment target to early investors. The funding round is now set to close next Wednesday. 

Users of Acorns May Now Use PayPal For Investment Accounts

On Monday, PayPal announced users may now use its payment processing to fund an investment account with Acorns. According to the company, over 2.3 million people around the U.S. are investing through Acorns to help save for long and short-term expenses. PayPal revealed that once they link their accounts to Acorns, users may choose to set-up a recurring or one-time investment funded from their PayPal accounts. PayPal also stated:

Once your accounts are linked you can easily monitor your Acorns account right from within PayPal — online and in the PayPal mobile app — in order to provide you better visibility as you build your long-term savings. This will allow you to do things like check your Acorns account value, monitor your investment contributions, and manage your recurring and one-time transfers to Acorns right in the moment. This is in addition to the existing feature allowing PayPal users to use the Acorns “Round-up” feature on PayPal purchases, automatically investing the round-ups into a low-cost, diversified portfolio of exchange-traded funds.”

PayPal went on to add that it and Acorns are looking to help democratize financial services and offering innovative solutions to the people typically underserved by the current system. New features are being rolled out to select U.S. PayPal customers and will be available to all U.S. customers by early 2018.


On Guard! Rivetz & Ammbr Unite to Promote Multifactor Authentication

Rivetz Corp., a provider of mobile, decentralized security solutions for business customers worldwide, today announced a partnership agreement with Ammbr, a decentralized mesh network tokenizing broadband internet access founded earlier this year and based in Singapore. Rivetz and Ammbr will work together to integrate and promote advanced multifactor authentication and the use of the Rivetz Trust framework to build out Ammbr’s identity and authentication platform. The companies have said that they will explore the use of a decentralized exchange to enable payments for Ammbr services with RvT tokens to support a strong authentication model for the Ammbr network.

“Our mission at Rivetz is to improve security at the device level, and we’re happy to be partnering with Ammbr to support stronger protection and authentication,” stated Rivetz Founder and CEO Steven Sprague. “We are excited to work with Ammbr to support a great use of the blockchain and bring internet access to new markets.”

Rivetz will collaborate with Ammbr to support advanced security capabilities that provide owners of accounts enhanced protection, assuring integrity of the financial instructions sent to the network for processing. Rivetz will also explore hardening Ammbr client applications with the Rivetz Trusted App to simplify operations and reduce the risk of token theft.

[clickToTweet tweet=”@RivetzCorp unites with @AmmbrPlatform #blockchain #security @fintechinsider_” quote=”“We are excited to work with Ammbr to support a great use of the blockchain and bring internet access to new markets,” Rivetz Founder and CEO Steven Sprague. “]

“The Ammbr Mesh network is offering an innovative model to enhance global access to the internet,“ clarified Derick Smith, Founder of Ammbr and Managing Director of the Ammbr Foundation. “The Rivetz solution provides the foundation of a simpler and safer experience for our customers.”

Rivetz recently introduced its RvT cybersecurity token to provide verifiable security controls for cloud authentication, IoT, blockchain, and legacy financial transactions. The RvT token enables multifactor authentication across devices, to achieve provable security at the transaction and authentication level. The Rivetz solution noted that its platform leverages technology that is already built in to hundreds of millions of mobile devices to assure the keys and transactions can not be altered or stolen by malware infecting the operating system.

In August Rivetz secured $5.5 million USD (19,000 ETH) in a private presale of its Rivet (RvT) token, a cybersecurity token developed to provide verifiable security controls for cloud authentication, IoT, blockchain and legacy financial transactions.

Swiss Fintech Fundbase Launches Alternative Investment App

Alternative investment information and technology provider Fundbase announced on Wednesday it is launching a new mobile app for alternative investments. The fintech company described Fundbase Mobile as an innovative product, designed to allow qualified investors to identify top manager talent anywhere. Pascal Rode, CEO at Fundbase, stated:

“It’s a unique tool allowing investors to source the best funds from an intelligently and systematically selected universe, based on an active and engaged community of qualified investors and a global universe of alternative managers. The mobile experience allows users to easily browse through interesting funds everywhere and anytime, something that was not available.”

The company also noted that the majority of its users expect to improve their fund sourcing process with Fundbase Mobile by spending more time logged in, searching funds. Pancho Vanhees, of TFAL Investments, a Luxembourg-based investor, believes the mobile app will improve their systematic processes and quickly identify top performing emerging hedge fund managers while on-the-go. Vanhees added:

“Having mobile access to the most important fund statistics in one easy to read place didn’t exist before this. With Fundbase Mobile, I’m sourcing our next best investment, even when I’m not in front of a computer. Fundbase serves me a daily dose of outstanding managers like personal social media does for private matters. It’s an excellent resource, like a mobile research assistant.”

Fundbase Mobile is available in both the Apple App store and Google Play.

Polling Mobile App Arbit Seeks Expansion Funds on Indiegogo/MicroVentures’ Equity Platform

Arbit, a marketing, photo, and video mobile app, is now seeking expansion funds through Indiegogo and MicoVentures’ equity crowdfunding platformArbit describes itself as an app that combines social engagement with “powerful” analytics layer. It gives athletes, celebrities, and brands answers to any questions they may have through a side-by-side picture polling feature. It was also revealed that 100,000 downloads have been reported in just seven months, with an average of more than 16,500 downloads per month

Users can craft polls that allow other users to vote for one of two images, providing valuable on-demand insight into trends and the preferences of followers. Since launching its public beta, the company gained over 100,000 downloads in the span of seven months.”

The app has notably been backed by four current and former NBA players Steve Blake, Anthony Tolliver, Caron Butler, and Ty Lawson. It also received a $100,000 investment from TEDCO and an invitation to join the 2017 Accelerate Baltimore program.

With mobile devices, polls can better target key consumer segments in their most engagement moments, gain more immediate feedback, and give both businesses and individuals the real-time insights they need. Arbit, available on the App Store and Google Play Store, couples mobile polling with a social network-like platform. Used by both global brands and public figures, the app facilitates direct interactions between users such as sports stars, celebrities, and fans through its unique polling interface.”

Funds from the campaign will be used for the app’s continuous development. It is set to close later this fall.


Crowdcube iOS App Update: Discussions & Updates Now Available

On Tuesday, equity crowdfunding platform Crowdcube announced in July it released an update to the iOS app that allows users to create investor discussions, view updates, and interact with other Crowdcube users through commenting. The funding portal revealed its team has been working to improve the experience of these features.

Entrepreneur accounts are now visually highlighted. When you’re reading through a discussion or update, you can clearly see which replies are coming from the entrepreneur (who owns the pitch) and when they are from Crowdcube members. You can now subscribe to investor discussions that you’re interested in. You will be notified via email when someone replies to a thread that you have subscribed to, in order to keep up to date with the conversation as it develops. You can also unsubscribe from a discussion at any time to stop receiving notifications, if you wish. “

Crowdcube went on to add that it is planning to release push notifications that will allow users to know each time a pitch they’ve been following posts an update or someone replies to comments that the user is participating in or following.

Malaysian Bank CIMB Announces Partnership With Alipay for Mobile Wallet & Financial Services

Malaysia’s second-biggest bank, CIMB Group Holdings Bhd, announced this week its new equity joint venture partnership with Ant Financial Service Group’s Alipay to provide mobile wallet and related financial services. 

According to Reuters, CIMB unit, Touch ’n Go Sdn Bhd, will be the majority shareholder while Ant Financial will be a minority shareholder. CIMB revealed:

“The capital injected by both parties will go towards the creation of a world-class online and offline payments provider, delivering super mobile wallet solutions and other related financial services.”

CIMB also claimed that millions of Malaysians currently use Touch ’n Go cards daily to pay for road tolls, bus fares, parking, and shopping. Alipay users now use e-wallet services to hail taxis, hotel bookings, utility bills, doctors appointments, and finances. The bank also stated that this will be the first investment in Malaysia for Ant Financial.

Ain’t No Stopping MobiKwik, Indian Mobile Wallet Celebrates New Partnership with Samsung Pay

Indian mobile wallet MobiKwik has linked with Samsung Pay, integrating with Samsung Pay Mini to enable one-tap payments at merchants using Mobikwik.

“We are enthused by the tremendous response Samsung Pay has received since its launch, both from our consumers as well as partners. Moving into the next phase of new and innovative services for Samsung Pay, we are delighted to have MobiKwik on board as a partner,” shared Samsung Pay Business, Samsung India Director Sanjay Razdan. “As India’s biggest, most-trusted brand of mobile phones, Samsung remains committed to a digitally empowered economy and will continue to create meaningful innovations that will transform lives.”

MobiKwik Head of Growth Daman Soni added,

“The future of digital payments in India will thrive only by collaborating with various ecosystem partners to drive acceptance. It is wonderful to walk hand in hand with Samsung in achieving the Digital India mission. We look forward to receiving a warm welcome from Samsung users and aim at providing them with the ease of payment. More than 55 million users and 1.4 million merchants will benefit from this association.”

Last month, the India-owned telecom company Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) and MobiKwik synced to develop BSNL’s mobile application. MobiKwik will co-create BSNL wallet, a new semi-closed wallet to facilitate payment and also sell BSNL products.

South Korean Fintech Startup Paycock Set to Bring Mobile Payment Service to Russian Financial Market

South Korean fintech startup Paycock has reportedly signed a business MOU with AEB IT, a Russian financial IT corporation, and will now begin to commercialize its mobile payment solution into the Russian financial market.

Paycock Check is described as a mobile payment service that does not require a card-reading device, as the entire payment process is conducted using only a smartphone camera and near-field communication (NFC) technology. Paycock Check is up to 95 percent cheaper in terms of operating costs. The service offers not only credit card, barcode, and QR code payment options, but also issues cash receipts. Speaking about Paycock’s move into Russia,  CEO Kwon Hae-won stated:

“Our presentation and promotion of Paycock’s business model through meetings with Russian IT companies, banks, and investors, for which we received assistance from the Born2Global Centre, led to our signing of the MOU with AEB IT, which had expressed great interest in our work. All parties agreed that our convenient mobile payment service is a new technology with great potential for application to the Russian market, where the fintech industry remains largely a blue ocean. In the future, we will be focusing our efforts on supplying related services to the local market.”

Paycock added that it currently holds two registered patents and 14 pending patent applications, and the company already possesses the security and recognition technologies that it will need in its future business endeavors in Russia.

Ron Suber Named Strategic Advisor for Juvo

Juvo, a mobile Identity Scoring platform, has appointed Ron Suber, president of Prosper Marketplace, as strategic advisor to the company. Suber is a high profile investor in Fintech companies and is also investor in Juvo. The company said Suber’s prolific presence in Fintech and industry experience will help direct the company through its global growth, ongoing product development and expansion into new markets.

Juvo works in partnership with mobile operators to deploy its proprietary Identity Scoring technology to create financial identities for anonymous, prepaid mobile users who are often underbanked.

These identities can open access to otherwise unattainable financial services and help enable billions of people gain access to financial services and financial security.

“I have followed Juvo closely for the past two years as an investor, and have watched as their approach to digital transformation has improved financial inclusion around the world. I am now thrilled to further support the company and its team as a strategic advisor,” stated Suber. “Financial inclusion is entering a new phase of innovation, and Juvo is uniquely positioned to help people and mobile carriers capitalize on this opportunity with a strong market position, global expansion and new products. I look forward to supporting the company and its future growth.”

Juvo’s advisory team now includes:

  • Nils Puhlmann, leads Juvo’s security and privacy efforts: former Chief Security Officer & co-founder of Cloud Security Alliance
  • Vicente Silveira, fraud and risk management advisor: head of fraud data science at Uber
  • Allison Duncan, social impact advisor: founder and CEO of Amplifier Strategies
  • Ken Laversin, enterprise software/SaaS advisor: senior vice president, worldwide sales at Jasper
  • Monica Rogati, data science advisor: equity partner at Data Collective, former VP of data at Jawbone and LinkedIn data scientist

Juvo’s team of advisors share a similar passion for Juvo’s mission and its growth in the global market. As Vicente Silveira, Uber’s head of fraud data science and board member at BayBrazil, summed it up:

Silveira said that it was the vision of Juvo’s CEO Steve Polsky that attracted him to the company.

“[this is a] product that could enhance the quality of life and provide economic opportunity to millions of people worldwide that don’t have access to mainstream credit. I grew up in Brazil and understand how financial inclusion is a key element to lifting people out of poverty.”