Airbnb Now Features RealtyShares as First Multifamily Financing Solution


RealtyShares, a leading online marketplace for commercial real estate investing, today announced it is featured by Airbnb as a financing resource in its Multifamily Properties Toolkit, which is described as a website that gives owners, operators, and developers of multifamily buildings resources to support long-term tenants who wish to share their space with travelers.

According to RealtyShares, landlords may now manage Airbnb activity in their buildings and share in the additional rental income with the Airbnb Friendly Buildings Program. As a result, multifamily property owners have become increasingly interested in helping their tenants improve and share their space on Airbnb. Jaja Jackson, Airbnb’s Director of Multifamily Housing Partnerships, stated:

“Home sharing is good for landlords, good for tenants and good for travelers. Adding home sharing as an option is just another way buildings can attract and retain tenants.”

RealtyShares also reported it excels at financing unique opportunities and emerging concepts, including multifamily development projects that offer long-term rentals units that can be easily shared with travelers. Traditional capital providers do not usually participate in this sector. The real estate platform raises capital for these projects through a mix of institutional funds and capital from accredited investors investing through its platform. Bill Lanting, Vice President of Debt Originations for RealtyShares, also commented:

“RealtyShares’ biggest strength is our non-traditional mentality. Landlords are increasingly interested in offering home sharing as an option for their tenants. We see a big opportunity to create value for the multifamily housing community by financing properties that are adopting this model.”

RealtyShares added in 2017 it helped finance more than 80 multifamily properties from Miami to Phoenix, each going through an extensive due diligence process by their experienced team to ensure it met the company’s rigorous standards. These complex and creative financing opportunities make up the core of the platform’s investment marketplace, which has deployed more than $700 million dollars across over 1,000 projects in 39 states.

Bill Lanting Named Vice President of Commercial Debt Originations at RealtyShares

Real estate crowdfunding platform RealtyShares announced on Wednesday it has appointed Bill Lanting as Vice President of Commercial Debt Originations. Lanting reportedly brings real estate financing experience to RealtyShares and was previously an executive with Radisson and Wyndham Hotels.

Nav AthwalNav Athwal, RealtyShares Founder and CEO, stated:

“RealtyShares uniquely offers the ability to raise debt and equity capital across both residential and commercial markets for our customers. Our focus has always been on identifying areas where raising capital is the most inefficient and providing real value there. We started with single family debt and commercial equity, and over the last few months we’ve seen a real increase in interest from our customers in using our platform for commercial debt as well.”

Lanting also shared:

bill-lanting“I’ve always been intrigued by the marketplace lending space, and I saw an opportunity not being fully realized within the industry. I think RealtyShares can bring something that nobody else has. By building a platform as a direct lender, with both institutional and private discretionary capital, plus capital available through our network of investors, we will be able to hit all areas of the capital stack from low-risk bridge debt, to more risk-adjusted bridge debt, all the way up into mezzanine debt including equity. Very few entities out there are doing that very well.”

RealtyShares also revealed that Lanting’s leadership will enable the commercial debt team to take advantage of the full range of demand from current and prospective customers. Athwal then added:

“Bill was an obvious choice. He not only has the abilities and the relationships to grow the business, but also has that scrappy attitude and personality you need when your company is still growing. We’re excited to be bringing on a successful and proven leader who can not only establish a brand for RealtyShares within CRE Debt, but also scale that product and grow origination volume for us.”

To date, the RealtyShares network of investors has funded upwards of $200 million across more than 400 investment opportunities on the platform, funding residential and commercial projects in 31 states.