White Label Loan Origination Platform Insikt Completes $26 million Social Bond Securitization With Amalgamated Bank

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INSIKT (pronounced “in-seekt”), a Lending as a Service (LaaS) company, announced on Thursday it has closed a private social impact bond issuance of $26 million as part of its mission to accelerate financial inclusion in America and invest capital into its low-income communities.

Insikt reported that this marked its fifth securitization in 2018 backed by 21,000 responsible, credit building loans. Averaging about one securitization every six weeks, INSIKT has reportedly completed a total of over $130 million this year in social bond issuances.  This placement notably brings the company’s total securitization volume to $273 million across 16 issuances since the inception of its securitization program in 2013.

Insikt reportedly worked with Amalgamated Bank on the social bond. Amalgamated claims to be America’s largest certified B Corp bank and, for nearly a century, has served as America’s largest socially responsible bank. While sharing details about the bond, Amalgamated Bank’s CEO, Keith Mestrich, stated:

“At Amalgamated, we don’t give lip service to responsible lending. We have a long history of delivering on it. This is why we align so well with INSIKT. How they structure their securitization program gives us the confidence that our investment will make a meaningful difference in the communities that need it most, while providing a healthy return for our shareholders – which is even more important now that we are a public company. Our relationship with INSIKT is the ultimate social impact strategy and a truly measurable model for creating sustainable financial inclusion nationwide.”

James Gutierrez, CEO and Founder of INSIKT, went onto add:

“It is an honor to welcome Amalgamated Bank to our family of investors. Amalgamated Bank is known and respected for their commitment to building a more just and compassionate society. We at INSIKT have deep respect for Keith Mestrich’s 25-year legacy in the labor movement and are thrilled to work together on creating a more inclusive financial system. Our social bond platform enables the alignment of our values and the opportunity to expand access to capital in low-income communities.”

Online Lender P2Binvestor Partners with Amalgamated Bank to Enable New Path for Credit

P2Binvestor (P2Bi) has formed a new partnership with Amalgamated Bank to allow businesses a new way to access growth capital. Amalgamated Bank is described as a “socially responsible bank” which is based in New York. Amalgamated  recently acquired New Resource Bank – a financial firm that already had a relationship with P2Bi.

The agreement allows the online lender to provide access to financing for early-stage Small- to Medium-sized Businesses that typically would not qualify for bank financing. The agreement allows Amalgamated to grow their commercial and industrial loan portfolio, build relationships and fund businesses who do not yet qualify for traditional bank financing, while allowing P2Bi to provide lower rates to clients with the senior funding position coming from the bank. P2Bi also obtains access to a larger pipeline of potential clients who already have an existing relationship with Amalgamated Bank.

Krista Morgan, co-founder and CEO of P2Bi, called the partnership an important step in validating their bank partnership program.

“Our technology, combined with Amalgamated’s record of success, allows us to provide affordable, scalable financing options to up and coming brands across the country. In addition, we’re proud to partner with a socially responsible company that shares similar values not only with us, but with many of our clients.”

Keith Mestrich, President and CEO of Amalgamated Bank, said they are dedicated to developing innovative financing solutions for mission driven companies.

“We are especially proud to work with emerging small businesses, which are often the businesses driving change in their industries and communities. Yet they are also often excluded from traditional financing opportunities. By partnering with P2Bi, Amalgamated is able to help these businesses access capital they might not have otherwise has access to – and in turn grow their business and their impact.”

Last month, P2Bi announced that it had secured more than $17 million in a combination of debt and equity to fund its growth mostly for its bank partnership program. P2Bi is an online lender that can lend to growing businesses that don’t qualify for a traditional commercial line of credit.