Suffolk University Student Entrepreneur Launch New Round of Ventures Through Crowdfunding Course


On Wednesday, Suffolk University announced that some of its students have launched some ventures through its crowdfunding course. The ventures made their debut on December 6th, with two dedicated to the people of Haiti.

The University stated that is Sawyer Business School introduced the crowdfunding course in Fall 2016, which requires students to launch campaigns to fund their own startup companies through crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. Management and Entrepreneur professor Jenni Dinger, who co-teaches the course, stated:

“Crowdfunding continues to enjoy tremendous growth worldwide. Given that crowdfunding is still a relatively young capital source we are continuously learning what works and what doesn’t. What has not changed is that the process of creating and preparing a campaign acts as an accelerator of sorts, prodding nascent entrepreneurs to take action.”

The ventures are listed below:

  • Marbre by SJ, founded by Suffolk junior Shereen Jan in partnership with Suffolk junior Kristy Fitzgerald, is a minimalist jewelry line that incorporates reclaimed marble into precious metal pieces. 
  • Sadiq Smoke, founded by Suffolk junior Kamraan Sadiq, is a silicone-insulated hookah bowl with wind guard.
  • Sawed-Off Souvenirs, founded by Suffolk senior Greg Speliotis, creates a variety of cups and barware for sports fanatics made from broken bats. 
  • Happy Homes, founded by Suffolk seniors and entrepreneurship majors Nick Kellicker and Rafic Korban, is a social venture aimed at providing affordable and sustainable housing for the people in Haiti.
  • Dentists for Humanity is a Cambridge-based healthcare non-profit focused on providing dental care to underprivileged communities around the world and mentorship to dental students,

Suffolk Celebrates National Entrepreneurship Month, Supports 7 New Startups

November is National Entrepreneurship Month and Suffolk University in Boston celebrated by organizing experiential courses on crowdfunding.  During Global Entrepreneurship Week on November 14, students partaking in the programs launched campaigns on Kickstarter and Indiegogo to support their startups.  Seven startups and campaigns have launched out of the “ENT-340: Crowdfunding the Startup” Sawyer Business School class.  They include:


  • Buddha Bus Yoga – “[T]akes Yoga out of the studio by traveling to various locations in New England providing all-inclusive Yoga classes.”
  • Upward Bound – “[A] federally-funded program for high school students who are below the poverty line and are the first generation from their family to attend college.”
  • WarmUp Protein Coffee – “[A] high-protein coffee targeting fitness-focused, on-the-go people”.
  • NEO Miners – “[A] card game that focuses on resource management and economic principles, where each player mines asteroids to collect resources.”
  • Vegitano – “[A] health food brand that will offer healthy alternatives to people who eat on a vegan diet, are allergic to dairy and/or gluten.”


  • The Wicked Fisha – “[T]his cooler-tackle box combination features a simple design with limitless functionality for its user. It completely eliminates the hassle for fishermen who want to enjoy a (few) cold beverages during a fishing trip.”
  • Goliath Gallon – “[A] reusable, BPA-free gallon bottle that comes apart in the middle to allow for easy cleaning and accessibility to add anything you want in it”.

According to Professor Jennifer Dinger, who teaches the course on entrepreneurship:


“While a few other universities are discussing crowdfunding as part of traditional course content, the real-world approach to this course makes it different. Suffolk students in this class are learning how to turn their business ideas into action, and they are going after the funding to support those enterprises.”

The course and the ventures that have risen out of it are prime examples of young people looking to make a difference and celebrating the spirit of entrepreneurship in a meaningful way.